Cheap Thrills, Big Payoffs

No matter what the issue, tossing a shoe at the Home Minister as a mark of protest is crass behaviour. Hats off to Chidambaram for the class he displayed, which can't be said for quite a few who take to such forms of protest.

What's distressing is the payoffs that follow such acts. Its seems there's money and even a Lok Sabha ticket that's coming the journo's way. Why am I not surprised? Most publicity material out there seems to center around acts of infamy that's lapped up big time by an even more eager public that's panting for its share of cheap thrills.

Chill, they say. I may even be admonished for my point of view by an audience that seems to be getting younger by the day and dare I say, empty-headed? Or maybe I will chill. Give me a moment though. Gotta find my funny bone.


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