Loyalty's about people engagement

As the class of 2007-09 leaves Alliance, it would interesting to mull on the strength of their future affiliation with the institution. My gut feel tells me it will all depend on how they take the engagements they've had with various personnel, including faculty. If its been a memorable one, they will seek and stay affiliated.

Its the same scenario when it comes to retail houses. Affiliations to such places of trade for the consumer will be dictated by issues beyond products on shelves. It will all depend on people engagement they have had at retail stores. I mean with the floor personnel there. If its been a good one, and hopefully the shelves haven't disappointed, the consumer is bound to be back. Else he parks his business elsewhere.

In an era where commoditisation of brands (read retail houses) is a taken, its the people on the shop floor that can bail a retail house out. They are the ones to bank on, to get the consumer back. Just as, its always the faculty and how they have had interactions with students that would make an institution memorable.

Here's to the class of 2007-09. It was brilliant having you here. Ciao and Cheers. :)


MJ said…
It was a honour to be part of your class. Thanks a lot Sir!!
Soumya said…
Talk about engagement
Well I am a little sad that the college does little to ensure that it keeps it most important resource intact..ie,its studenst who have past out
Well for those who dont know,I am from the batch that pasted out last year and it is a little dissapointing to know that a year has pasted and nothing has been done to try and get us back all of us under the same roof -A reunion ??
Not that we have all reached great heights and are going to contribute to the success of the college, but I honestly feel that this seperates a good college from a bad one.The least a college can do is to value its students.
If you take the IIM s they have their reunions which are attended in such large numbers simply because people want to appreciate what they got from the college.

I really wish the same does not hold true for the batch that has just passed out and also my sincere wishes to all of them for a bright and successful future
Ray Titus said…
M.J., Appreciate it. :)

Soumya, Hopefully we can correct that...n we can see you soon. :)
Rajiv S Perumal said…
Thanks a ton sir..!! Felt amazing to be a part of your class... and now I guess I second what Henry Adams said

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops"..

Ray Titus said…
Thank you..Rajiv :)

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