Obama's 100 days into Serfdom

'In The Road to Serfdom, Nobel Laureate Friedrich Hayek explained that socialism and fascism are really a common system based on the belief that central planning is superior to individual liberty and market capitalism. So it matters little whether the Obama administration is moving us towards socialism or fascism. It certainly is moving us away from market capitalism and limited government and towards central planning.

Truly disconcerting is that within 100 days of the Obama administration Newsweek had a cover story entitled, “We Are All Socialists Now,” and a recent Rasmussen national telephone survey found that only 53% of American adults believe capitalism is a better system than socialism.

Mises’s warnings about the 1930s need to be headed today. While many economists are concerned about the massive federal deficits and expansion of the money supply of the first 100 days, the real threat to the economy comes from the philosophy that has been expounded by the administration and the ranking majority in Congress -- that left to our own actions we will create financial ruin, destroy the planet, and be left without health care.

Their solution is to allow central planners of an unlimited government to guide our actions. This is the real threat to our liberty and our prosperity.'

- Gary Wolfram, '100 Days of Obamanomics'.


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