Who's bad?

'How many movies on the evils of Wall Street do you think are now on the drawing board? Demonize the wealthy to create class warfare, deliver a message that corporations routinely take risk to enrich themselves and the few, while the rest of us suffer the consequence of their bad bets, make folks believe that only government is fair and on their side, and Democrats are the party of fairness (the Republicans, of course are assigned the role as the Party of the big banks and Wall Street, who ripped us off, and deregulated the financial industry to accomplish this).

Let us disregard all those contributions to Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, and the Democratic Senate and House campaign committees from AIG, and Wall Street firms. Let us ignore the role of Barney Frank in the mortgage mischief of FNMA. Let's forget about FNMA CEO Franklin Raines, walking away with $120 million in a severance package (where are those demands for payback of bonuses from executives who looted the nation, and cost it tens of billions in bailout money?).'

- Richard Baehr, 'Class War in America'.


Anonymous said…
I think on the employers' side, the use of union-busting legal firms and the lobbying for anti-union laws are forms of class struggle.
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