Who's the real shmuck?

'Okay, I’m not holding my breath. But the left’s ability to act hatefully while in the very act of accusing the right of hatefulness does point to yet another of the many ways the media skew our political discourse. In the mainstream media—the left’s media, I mean—the standard for what is hateful is completely different for the right and left.

Jon Stewart shouts the F-word on air at Governor Sarah Palin, oh, what a witty fellow he is, how outrageous, how puckishly he bends the rules!

Rush Limbaugh hopes Barack Obama’s attempt to destroy our free market system fails—honk! he’s hateful.

Bill Maher’s film insipidly insults easily targeted religious people, he’s “brilliant,” says Variety, “incendiary.”

Ann Coulter points out the fact that fatherless children are the source of most of the nation’s crime, suicide and child behavioral disorders—honk! She’s mean to single mothers. How hateful.

Hollywood makes fictional movies accusing our soldiers of being rapists, murderers and fools even while they’re in the field defending us– hurrah, it’s awards time!

Geert Wilders makes a short documentary on the actual murderous acts inspired by actual passages in the Koran. You guessed it—honk!—he’s hateful.'

- Andrew Klavan, 'Honk! You’re Hateful.'


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