Children walk to school, and run back home

Something I noticed. Every morning riding the bus to work I seem to be more concerned about the driving quality than on my way back, when I don't seem to be as concerned. Speeding in the morning, which is a concern, isn't, when I am on my way home. I guess the explanation's a simple one. My desire to be back home is greater than to get to work. Don't get me wrong, I love my work. But I guess I am eager to get back to my darlings at home, and so the speeding doesn't bother me as much. In fact its something I even wish for. Because I get back home quicker.

Difference in contexts dictate responses that are different. Consumers too, according to contexts, can either turn eager, looking forward to the act of consumption, or reluctant, with an eye on things other than the actual consumption act. Let me explain. Were I to be taking a holiday trip, the ride to the airport, even if its an exacting one wouldn't bother me as much as, if I were to be taking a trip to my dentist. Then everything turns bothersome. The roads, traffic, everything that I can complain about.

What's the implication of these varying contexts and response to the service provider? If you are a healthcare provider and if you know the trip to your premises is not a welcome one, remember, you will have a 'hassled, on the edge' kind of customer on your hands. Be careful and ensure he gets the best of care. Else he'll complain. On the other hand, if you work at a holiday resort, in all probability you would have cheerful customers at your doorstep (of course, there are exceptions). Just add on the good times and you will spread happiness around.


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