Why Self-Preservation's natural

I share the sense of outrage, if there's one, at the way DMK's haranguing the Congress party for Cabinet and ministerial berths in the to-be formed Indian government.

But on closer analysis I can see why they're doing what they're doing. Its called 'self-preservation'. The DMK knows it can never be a national party with an appeal across the country. Its life lies down south in Tamil Nadu. That's where their existence is decided. So they do what comes natural to them. That is, try and get as many berths, and use that leverage to shower their own state with goodies. That would help them garner seats in the next election so they can rule their state and also have enough numbers in the Parliament to start another round of haggling.

Of course, there's no condoning what they're doing, but I wonder who's out there doing a service to anybody, who's willing to sacrifice for a greater good? Even consumers are the 'selfishest' kind.

Cynical? Me? Just so you know, Mother Teresa's a saint! Big time. For me. That's a beacon of sacrifice, though few and far in between, that keeps the cynicism away.


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