The lure of chicken you didn't have

That the damn coupons didn't get you the new grilled chicken at KFC may even have been a ploy. The urge to now get your hands on it is even greater. I know, it may put you off KFC. But I am willing to bet it won't.

Sales promos that don't get you what they promise are irritating. But if managed well, it can engineer publicity that makes your newly launched brand even more sought after. That the new grilled chicken ran out at KFC counters is good for the chicken chain. Imagine what people must think. The damn chicken must have tasted like heaven and must be really good too.

Almost everyone who's tuned into the grilled chicken story now knows that 'the new menu item is lower in fat, calories and sodium than the traditional deep-fried chicken for which KFC is known the world over. It even has it's own secret recipe, kept under lock and key near the original 11 herbs and spices recipe for fried chicken created by KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders.'

What baloney! But then who cares. After all, KFC's getting ready for its torrent of grilled chicken hungry customers.


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