Swedish Capitalism Ahoy!

If President Obama should look somewhere it should be towards Sweden. When Obama's busy turning America into a Socialist bastion, Sweden's shedding its incompetent Socialist system and adopting Capitalism with great speed.

CSR reports that last week, the country’s center-right government began selling off state-owned pharmacies, one of the country’s few remaining nationalized companies, as part of an ambitious program of liberal economic reforms started in 2006. In the same week, a study by the Swedish Unemployment Insurance Board revealed that almost half of the country’s jobless lacked full unemployment benefits. Many opted out of the state scheme when the cost of membership was raised last year; others were ineligible.

State pensions, schools, healthcare, public transport, and post offices have been fully or partly privatized over the last decade, making Sweden one of the most free market orientated economies in the world, analysts say.

Way to go, Sweden!


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