Thoughtless anger aims to discredit brands

There's a difference between thoughtful anger and a thoughtless one. The former could be an expression against injustice, the latter intends to discredit, albeit in manner unfair. The latter is disgraceful.

The latter is a quite the weapon of liberals. Right now, Carrie Prejean's the one who's in the liberal firing line. MSNBC allowed a guest to call her vile names, and the far-left cast of characters on that cable network have delighted in mocking and demeaning Prejean almost nightly. The left-wing blogs have been especially vicious, and now, even her own pageant is turning against her.

I have seen the same happening to brands too. Disgruntled elements stoop to take potshots at brands just because they don't agree to the way some of them conduct business. For example, the dimwits who hate fast food (read McDonald's) tend to spread lies about how fast food can ruin health when the reality is that it's sometimes even a lifesaver.

Thoughtless anger can have fallouts that could go either way. It can sound death knell to a brand or turn public sentiment in favour of the brand. I sure hope the Carrie Prejean brand is on its way up. Though I know Carrie just starting out, she could sure take a leaf out of the Rush Limbaugh brand. Every time the liberals took potshots at him, he came out with bis guns blazing. No guesses on who was left standing.

Rush rules!


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