The viral in a 'Did you know' question

The other day someone asked me if I knew that the Zoo Zoo characters in the Vodafone commercial were real people and not cartoon characters. I didn't. I asked Alphy today if she knew. She didn't too.

Something tells me such a question has been asked all around. And that's why the Zoo Zoos now have a facebook page with 65000 people joining up.

A viral message can do with a 'did you know' question. If you didn't, probably you will ask the same question to someone else. And then that someone else will take the question forward. The viral will soon infect consumers. Remember for the question to work, the answer must be a 'NO'. If its a yes, its dead question.

The viral goes kaput.


indresh said…
How much does such a viral marketing attempt help the brand? Yes, it does create a lot of awareness about the new vodafone ad, but you already knew that a brand called vodafone exists, which is why you asked the question about it. It won't tell you anything more about the brand or make you buy it, does it?
Ray Titus said…
Of course, it wont make you buy it...but the brand can move from a recognition stage to recall to even have attitudes being formed about it.

That surely helps when there is a consideration of purchase.
Sahil said…
Along with recall it is entertaining and conveys the various Value - added services that Vodafone are offering and its some creative marketing done by them. Good work done by O&M

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