Whatever, don't call me!

Let me say it right away. I think Axe's 'Call me' campaign's a smart one.

But when Axe's research lab says its conducted a study of 750 girls across six cities in India about phone conversations , and that they've had 92% of girls confessing that they are willing to exchange phone numbers with a guy if they like him in the first meeting, I gotta guffaw.

What do you expect the research to come up with?

With the 'Call me' campaign, HUL was targeting 10 lakh calls by June but within a month of the campaign breaking they received 27 lakh calls. Wow! That's a lot of guys out there who're either dying to have their hands on an iPod or they're never had a decent conversation with a lady in their lives.

Whatever, will all of this translate into sales needs to be seen. To Axe's credit, I bet, its recall as a deodorant must have touched stratospheric heights. That's great going for a brand that's also doing us a big favour. I mean, keeping the odour down. Thumbs up to that.


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