Why success can be fatal

We shop for groceries at Spar. We've been patronising Spar for quite some time now. Since we first shopped there, we've seen the shopping crowd grow. So much so, now it takes us at least a good ten minutes at the check out counter, as the queues have gotten longer. Its starting to become a problem.

Hopefully we'll have the Spar people increase the number of operational billing counters, at least on a weekend. I know it'll be tough (increased labour costs), recession and all.

Sometimes success brings with it a new set of problems. It opens the door for your competitor to sneak a leg in. Solving the newly propped up problem becomes the window of opportunity for a competitor who can then lure the customer in with a better shopping proposition. Star Bazaar at Koramangala is a place we are now willing to try, if we think the queues are shorter. That should be bad news to Spar.

Note, as much as success is a reflection of great value delivery, it also is the genesis to a new set of problems, for the consumer. The sooner they are sorted, the better your chance at ensuring consumer loyalty.


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