The 'context' dicates the 'decision'

Dale's got a great blog on Context-Driven Qualitative Research which he believes is the best way to understand "consumer decision-making," or why people buy certain products and services.

I quote, 'Context-Research is disgusted with both Rational and Conspicuous. He says, “If we are going to catch Consumer Behavior we need to get him where he lives - - then we can trap him with his own words.” He continues:

Here’s how to set the trap. Forget about traits and profiling, this is not a problem for psychology, it’s a matter of context. Find out what Consumer Behavior wants and how he goes about getting it. In short, picture the scene. Draw it up in a series of pictographs and let him explain himself as he goes through them. He might get emotional. So much the better. Keep your yap shut because he knows and you don’t.'

Here's where you can read about it.


Professor Titus,

Thank you for your kind comments, reference and link to my blog

I very much enjoy your "Buyer Behavior" blog and I look forward to future articles. In my next entry I will reference your comments.

Thanks again,
Ray Titus said…

Thank you. Most appreciate it.

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