The King Is Dead

Its rare to have someone whose music connects with people across the world. Yes, the language of music is eternal, but genres vary and and so don't find universal acceptance. Michael is one who beat those rules. His music connected and reverberated around the world.

Maybe it was the times, maybe it was the music. Maybe it was just the man. Whatever, Michael rewrote the rules of marketing where you say, products have to be targeted at specific consumer segments. Michael's music in being universal had gotten global masses to buy in. Didn't matter where they came from or which culture they belonged to. Part Michael was the maverick musical genius, part the master, at marketing.

It won't be easy again to come by another artiste who breaks cultural barriers and finds the kind of acceptance Michael did. And that distinctly unique quality of his, ensures him a place amongst the legends. The mystery surrounding his death will only add mystique to the legend.


Pic: The Drudge Report


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