The Myopia risk in Realpolitik

Taking my post on 'Realpolitik and Marketing' forward, note what courageous Iranian student activist Ahmad Betebi has to say about Obama's response to Iran.

"His (Obama) lack of response will not be regarded lightly. We will watch for how much his response will help the people or the regime. We will know more this week... Obama can hold talks with the regime in Iran if he wants. Is it morally correct for Obama to support the regime? Does he actually believe the people of Iran will appreciate that? The social movement requires support. If the world really wants the advent of terrorism to disappear in the Middle East, if they want peace with the Palestinians and Israel, if they want nuclear technology to be developed for peaceful things and not nuclear weapons... They only need to support the people of Iran right now. This regime has the most dangerous of ideologies. They're killing the opposition."

Listen to the complete Ahmad Betebi interview here.


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