One half America voted Government Motors

I guess a part of my nightmare is over. Though I will only breathe a sigh of relief when my nimble fingers run over my new passport. For the past two days I have spent the greater part of the day at the Bangalore passport office moving from one counter to another applying for a fresh passport as my older one runs out on its validity.

Sample this. The first day, I reach the office at eight, stand in a queue for almost an hour and a half because the damn counter opens only at nine thirty and I have to be there early enough to get a token that reads a sufficiently lower number. Because that means at the next counter where they verify my documents I would be somewhere up front. I reach the second counter only to know some document isn't in order. I have already spent three hours at the office. I leave, then go back today. They tell me yesterday's token's good enough. I reach the first counter only to be told it isn't, so I am told to wait my turn based on what the number was the previous day, and that's at 71. So much for reaching early. I go through the blessed counters that number five, yeah, five counters that I have to go to, so I can submit my documents and pay the charges for a new passport. Let me tell you what these five counters do. One gives a token, the other verifies documents, the next scrutinises and okays the documents, the fourth one decides the payment and fifth one collects it. And almost all of this is done by government servants, who take home a paycheck that comes out of my tax remittances, with an attitude that makes me feel as if they've almost granted me the goddamn moon.

Two days wasted for something that could have been completely done online and through snail mail. Welcome to government systems and their functioning.

I think one half of Americans must really have been on something to have voted Barack in. Barack, the messiah who believes government's got the answer to consumer problems. General Motors is now Government Motors. And what's Barack predicted? 'The humbled corporate titan will emerge from Chapter 11 "a stronger and more competitive" company within months.' This from someone, the only time he's come any close to understanding organisations was when he played the role of a community organiser. Imagine, one half America voted for a community organiser who's now going to decide what kind of cars must be built and sold.

God save America.

But then, knowing the crafty methods he uses, for all you know, Barack's going to engineer things in a manner where consumers will be forced to buy small cars that GM now plans to make. He will ensure the SUVs can't be made, or if they are, they turn so pricey, it wont be affordable to the masses.

I can't for the life of me understand why a tax paying citizen would want to give more money into government hands or support government deciding what's good for consumers? If you really want to know how unproductive the government is or what a mess it makes with running companies, you just have to visit a passport office in India, or buy an Ambassador car. As the Indian government runs clear off making cars, the American one decides its time to make them.



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