True Brand Loyalty's about Faith

According to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, which recently published a study on the correlation between church attendance and economics, its been proven that there's no link between how an economy fares vis-a-vis church attendance. That is, if an economy is spiralling downwards, there still aren't any extra takers who think maybe God can help. And this finding's based on data for the past 20 years.

Sounds good. To me. And it also tells me something important about people who believe and those who don't. People of faith and those without. The former's faith in God isn't based on any notions of 'help'. That is, they don't frequent churches and worship because they believe God's someone who can help them better their lives. If it were that way, then during times of prosperity church attendance should have been down and the opposite would play out during times of recession. It isn't so. Church attendance stays steady. Note, the study's about Evangelicals. The non-believer too has stayed put. He hasn't rushed down a church aisle just because his job's in trouble. He too doesn't think God can help, albeit in a manner different from the believer. The believer knows God can help, but he isn't at a church because he wants that help.

The lesson here? The steadfastness of a believer and a non believer. Both either stay in churches or away despite the change in economic conditions. True Brand loyalty is something akin to that. In fact, I christen it 'Brand faith'. It wouldn't matter what's happening around, a consumer who stays put with a brand is a true loyalist. He's the one with faith. And that brand's almost god like.

Faith in brands is a result of a psychological connect that can't be dissected on lines of reason. Its like faith in God. If you were to ask why, you wouldn't really know what the reason is. Its almost impossible to decipher. Its like brand Rajnikanth in Tamil Nadu. The hysteria that he generates is not decipherable. Its a fallout of a psychological connect.

Crazy? You decide. I call it faith.


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