The blinding Brand Halo

The Halo and the Horn's effect is as much about brands as it is about people (yeah, people are brands too). Once the halo kicks in for consumers, disbelief is almost a non entity. Almost.

The brand with the halo is the Barack brand. Despite being the biggest doofus in the shortest of time, the Barack brand manages to get by without too much of a dent (Note my earlier 'Almost'). Just so you know, note what John Hawkins has to say;

'Yet and still, was it George Bush who claimed that there were more than 57 states? Did Bush say he saw our "fallen heroes" in the audience during a speech? Was it George Bush who made a racist comment about "typical white people?" Did W. spend 20 years without complaint at a church where the pastor spouted off ignorant, anti-Semitic ideas and conspiracy theories? Was George Bush so much of an airhead that he actually ended up "thanking himself in a speech" because that's what his teleprompter said to do? Was it George W. Bush who tried to walk into the White House through a window? If Barack Obama were a Republican, the words "Too dumb to be President?" would have already appeared beside of his picture thousands of times by now.'

The Halo still on? Why am I not surprised?


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