Care for my child? Here's my money.

Jaden's down with the flu. And it isn't a pretty sight to see him listless and lethargic. We hope he recovers soon and goes back to his boisterous self.

The flu's all around. Too many kids in bed trying to recover. Too many parents concerned and worried for their kids' health. When it comes to kids, most parents worry. Me included. During such worry, its reassuring to have a doctor say that the symptoms seen are common and that there's nothing to be too concerned about. And when it comes to spending on a kid, for health or otherwise, most parents don't hold back. Now, this is a huge opportunity for marketers. But the imperative is to be caring. If you can't exhibit that caring, parents don't buy in.

Let me illustrate. We went through a few doctors before we settled on one for Jaden. Most doctors we saw, we thought were pretty good. Yet we settled for the one with whom we formed a certain comfort level. And that comfort level had as much to do with the ability to diagnose and medicate as it had to the way the doctor dealt with Jaden. The doctor we settled for seemed to care, again, as much for Jaden as for treating him. Now that was extremely important to us. To know that someone cared for our child was heartening. It made us trust that doctor's judgement that much more. Of course, the actual results too were good. I mean, the doctor's ability too came through in the treatment.

When it comes to children, marketers must tread with care. They must genuinely care for the child. It must come through loud and clear. If it does, money will never be a constraint. Most parents are at their spending best when it comes to their children, and they will part with their money gladly, to any marketer who shows he cares.


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