Customer Personification & Product Design

Brand Personification's is recasting the brand as a person. Customer personification is about casting a character out of demographic research that then helps in product design. The former's a post-brand activity, the latter, pre-brand.

Ford's now using customer personification to better design cars. The personified target customer cast as a real person helps get everyone connected with the design on the same page.

Antonella was the guiding personality for the Ford Verve, a design study that served as the basis for the latest-generation Fiesta. A character invented by Ford designers to help them imagine cars better tailored to their intended customers, she embodies a philosophy that guides the company’s design studios these days: to design the car, first design the driver. Antonella is the personification of a profile created from demographic research about the Fiesta’s target customer, said Moray Callum, executive director of Ford Americas design.

Whether Antonella will help Ford sell cars remains to be seen, because a car's not just about design. There's a lot more that needs to happen after the sale. If car companies mess up on the after sale activities, Antonella will be of scant use.

I can tell you as much.


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