Government intervention hinders Consumer Rights

Of course, learning a mother-tongue is a good thing. But the scene's drastically different if you are forced to learn, with your mother tongue being the language of instruction. If that's imposed on you, it takes away a basic right of yours. Your right as a consumer.

When it comes to learning, the right to learn a subject in an instruction language of your choice is a consumer right. In India, the preferred language for most, is English.

Note the honourable CJI, "This year in Kerala, primary schools recorded 2.5 lakh less admissions as the state insisted on Malayalam as the medium of instruction. They migrated to other states to get education in the English medium. Do you think parents are crazy to spend Rs 50,000 to get admission into private schools imparting education in English? That is what they want. Should it not be the parents' choice rather than that of the state's?"

The government taking away consumer rights is not a new one and neither does it only happen in India. The Barack Obama healthcare plan does exactly the same. After having promised voters numerous times about an availability of choice between private and government funded healthcare, its now turning certain that business firms will be forced to quit their present insurer to move to a government one. President Obama's plan will make that inevitable.

Liberty also means consumer liberty. The right to buy products and services of your choice. Government dictating what we buy, or how we learn, or what healthcare we take is eating into that liberty.

Watch the video posted above to know what Obamacare is really about.


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