Is America waking up?

'The bottom line is the iPhone and modern medicine came from democracy and the free market, not a government agency. Social programs should act as a trampoline, not a Velcro wall. The Velcro wall of government dependence only works for those in the Velcro business. We are all slowly having are boats docked and being sent to the wading pool. Guess who the lifeguard is?

The clever argument of “safety” and “fairness” has worked well for the left. They know that playbook well. We are Americans and we are compassionate. What is left out of that argument is the human need for self-responsibility and self-reliance. Both are essential ingredients for self respect. A man who blows his wages at the racetrack is not the same as the man who is mugged on payday. “Or is he?” asks the Democrats...

The men who started this country believed in God and liberty. Things like Cap and Tax have nothing to do with either. Fight back now or head over to the kiddie pool.'

- John Romano, 'Is America waking up?'


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