Sarah Palin's perfect STP

It ain't just me that roots for Sarah Palin. Its the marketer in me too. She's got what's termed in Marketing Strategy as STP, dot on. STP is Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning.

Sarah knows who her voter segment is. What she does positions her perfectly for this segment and this segment only. She couldn't care less what the rest of the voter community thinks. She's the darling to true Conservatives. With Gallup stating that 4 in 10 Americans have turned their views more conservative, Sarah's going after a segment that's substantial enough, should she take the national stage in a presidential election. Especially as this will follow the reign of the darling of the socialists.

Most brands try and be everything to everybody. Bad idea. You must instead be the 'only thing' that your target audience wants. And if you are that, stay on course. Don't bother what the naysayers say or predict.

Note Michael Wolff; 'A core band of loyalists does what a less passionate supporter base doesn’t, contribute early and often. She’s the most bankable conservative in the country.

The more red meat she throws the more money comes back. To become anathema to the left wing is to become the darling of the right wing. To become the darling of her party’s rebels and malcontents is the necessary step in amassing the credibility that the party establishment would never otherwise grant.

Sarah Palin’s career is, at this moment, the second most interesting in American politics. She’s gone from a local character to a national super nova to a major draw and wondrous wild card in less than a year.

This story has only just begun.'

Data Graphic: Gallup


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