Starbucks now sells Tea, Beer & Wine

Starbucks' is rechristening one of its stores at Seattle, '15th Avenue Tea and Coffee'. The rechristened Starbucks outlet will now dispense coffee, tea, wine and beer.

Smart move.

Starbucks at four bucks may sound dumb to cost conscious consumers, yet the association of coffee and Starbucks is one that can't be eased away. But then again, Tea, wine or beer at a Starbucks can possibly erode the coffee-Starbucks association. Also remember, McCafes lie in wait for Starbucks to make a wrong move.

At a time when premium coffee association is what Starbucks brings to consumer minds, it makes great sense to have a different, yet dedicated brand, when it comes to dispensing coffee, tea and even wine and beer. The segment that the new brand has as a target would of course be different from Starbucks'.

When you think premium coffee, its Starbucks. When you think beverages, it could be '15th Avenue Tea and Coffee'.


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