The tree isn't planted far from the Apple

As Jaden grows naughtier, managing his antics outside home in public places gets even more challenging. Don't get me wrong, his antics have never been the destructive kind, he's more on an exploring spree. And that gets problematic in a retail store. Yesterday at a store while keeping an eye on him, I encountered another boy twice his size, taking an obsessive liking for the Ben 10 watch Jaden was wearing. Soon this kid was doing everything he could to yank the watch away from Jaden's wrist, in the process even knocking him down. I looked around hoping that the bully's father would materialise. In vain. So I stepped in and the asked the bully to disappear, softly but firmly. Something in my demeanour hit home. The boy took to his heels.

Now I wish the kid's dad was around to discipline him. He wasn't. In fact its easy to figure why. If the kid's been let loose, guess, the Dad's loose somewhere, himself. After all the tree isn't planted far from the apple. As much as it holds for the converse, about the apple and where it falls.

The concept of socialisation states that in a family, kids pick up practices of their parents. Conversely, to decipher the traits of parents, all you've got to do is watch the kids. If they are the hollering kind, bet there's a lot of hollering at home. If they are polite, their parents were raised right. What's true for kids, I've seen 's true for dogs too. A nasty dog turns in a nasty master. So if you beware the dog, I'd say, go a step further.

Stay away from its master.


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