Collective Excellence, not Individual Brilliance

While addressing us a few days ago, Dr. Madhukar Angur pointed to how the term brilliance has a singular association whilst excellence is collective. We always talk about how brilliant someone is. But when we talk about excellence, we attribute that to teams.

Marketing is a 'collective' term. The activities within the marketing chain may be tagged brilliant. For instance, we may call a Marketing communique (read, advertisement) brilliant. But when we judge marketers, we say, Marketing excellence.

What wins the consumer is not individual brilliance. Brilliant advertising surely is welcome. But if Retailers don't deliver with great merchandising and shop floor service, the brand may not fly off the shelf. What gets the consumer to come back is if the brands and its experience delights. A total product experience is not the result of isolated individual acts of brilliance. Its always collective effort that wins the day, that delivers consumer value.

That sum total of that collective effort is what's termed Marketing.


Sir, Brilliant post again. Indeed an eye-opener.

Sir, I have a question and that is a bit different from the context you wrote about; but it revolves around individualism and teamwork.

This happens especially in corporates - Why is it that praises come for the entire team and failures are blamed on the individual ?

For example, if you are transporting Iron-Ore from a mine to a ship, and the handling loss is minimal; then the entire logistics team gets appreciated. But, when there is a supplier who was not able to support the company with a particular thing and the company makes some minimal loss, then you as an individual is blamed, because you were in direct interaction with the particular supplier.

It is not a personal experience; just shared an example because I can relate to it and becomes easier for you to answer more precisely in accordance with the question.

Thanks in anticipation.

Ray Titus said…

Give me some time to get back on such a pertinent question as a Blog post.

BTW, aplogies for my lack of response to your earlier two comments. Will reply to that too.

The best with your work :)

Thanks Sir for a quick response. Would eagerly be waiting for that blog post.

And Sir, what apologies and all ... Please!! it becomes a bit embarrassing and that too on a public forum.

Thanks :) :)

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