The irony in helping me with my money

The Indian government's plan to reform its archaic tax system in a bid to curb widespread evasion is a good thing. More so because the new system, though will not change tax brackets (the high of 30 percent remains), will raise income thresholds and so fewer taxpayers will be pushed into higher brackets.

Across people I've talked to, there's elation. I was grinning too, looking to this reform. Soon I wizened up. For the government's doing nothing that I should really be happy about. After all, when they let me keep some of my money, its still some of MY money. I mean, its more of my own money that they are letting me keep.

I should be grinning only if they give me some of their money. But then we know, government doesn't have any money of their own. Its all some one else'. The taxpayers'.

The biggest canard the government spreads is when it says it'll help people. Beacause even if they do, the money they use is people's money. So how's that real help? What the government does is take some people's money and give it to others in the name of help. I am okay with that to a certain extent as the prosperous can contribute to easing difficulties that the poorest of poor face. But again, I wish that money transferred, rich to poor, willingly. Not via the government. Because that's where all the pilferage happens. And so what reaches the poor is a minuscule percentage of what was started out with.

When Obama says healthcare for everyone, note that he is isn't paying for it from his government's pockets. He's taking it (the money needed) from taxpayers and giving it back to taxpayers in the name of healthcare. Such systems have been proven inefficient. Around the world. More so, in India.

Remember the pre-liberalisation era, where everything was rationed? Remember the misery?


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