The lesson in Obama as the Joker

Let not the extreme reactions the Obama-Joker image drew, drown out the genius behind the image. An image with a single word, 'Socialism', Blogosphere erupts. And its divided. Divided because of the inferences drawn. The Liberal shrieks Racism. The Conservative couldn't agree more.

Whatever, the image and the copy has hit home, big time.

Brands that become part of consumer discussions do something similar. They create communiques that arrest attention, start a chorus that have dissenting and applauding voices. The contrasts in the chorus can be attributed to differing inferences. Great communiques give room and reason for inferences to be drawn. Surely, all reactions may not be flattering. In fact, the dissent only turns the chorus louder. Generates greater buzz, therefore awareness and even pilots attitude formation. The positive ones emanate from consumers who buy into it.

For a brand, that means a sale.

Mission accomplished.



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