Political parties & Marketing Myopia afflictions

The expulsion of Jaswant Singh from the BJP points to the party falling prey to what's termed 'Marketing Myopia'. With Jaswant, one of the only symbols of urban sophistication in an otherwise rustic party, gone, the BJP has lost its last hope at connecting with a rapidly changing voter demographic in India.

Liberalised urban India seeks sophistication. In their lifestyles. A party saddled with symbols, real (read, the people) and contrived (read, the brand) that seem like they are a throwback to yore, will find it increasingly difficult to connect with voters who want move forward and leave behind cultural hangovers of the past. Of course, the party bets it will connect with 'less sophisticated' masses who identify with what's rural and rustic. But tell you what, even the 'less sophisticated' crave urban sophistication. And the mass media has presented to them on a platter, a lifestyle that they may not for the moment enjoy, but surely crave. After all, who amongst the citizenry looks to staying still? Staying stuck to relics of the past and the soon to be obsolete present?

Its the 'moving on' masses the BJP will miss if it holds on to what it calls ideology. The inability to see the future and design offerings that will be relevant in that future to come, is what's termed, Marketing Myopia. And not knowing that isn't ideology that matters, and that its about what the voter wants, is a learning that's imperative. Its a learning of what businesses know keeps them alive and kicking.

Welcome to the world of Marketing, folks!

It ain't about you, its about the buyer. It ain't about your party, its about the voter.


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