Selling is for the Courageous

Walking down a Bangalore street that leads to a mall last evening, I encountered a guy trying to sell Electric shavers. With Jaden in my arms and a threatening cloud that seemed all ready to pour, I was in no mood to stay and listen to the guy's sales talk. But something that I observed struck me. Despite quite a few rejections, the guy stuck at trying to get a sales pitch through, with all who passed by.

Many things about what he was doing wasn't right. Like maybe the place, the time, the approach, and so on. His targeting wasn't very effective. Yet what I wanted to give full marks to him for, was his persistence. He kept at what he did, despite rejections. I agree that it isn't just persistence that pays. You have be smart too. But persistence doesn't come easy for most of us. Rejections aren't handled well. Most sellers back off, as the rejections get to them. Persistence on the other hand is a result of a barrier broken. A mental barrier that holds us back from engagement, as we fear reversals. More so, when we encounter it real time.

Great sellers are those that break mental barriers that hold them back, to engage with possible buyers. Some call it being thick-skinned. I call it courage. Add marketing acumen to an ability to be persistent, you have a strong likelihood of a sale.

Note, such a package doesn't come easy. Its either courage, no marketing acumen. The kind we see on the streets. Or marketing acumen, no courage. The kind we see in Business schools.


Unknown said…
Its very very difficult and heart wrenching to see your castles of trust, belief and knowledge of how consumer behaves turn to shambles when he turns his back on you. All the strategies you read just go wrong and then you learn that you have just entered into new water and it it isn't just swimming lessons but you need much more to stay afloat here. Am still learning that :(

And yes pushing off all your failures, rejections and pitching needs courage, tons of it.

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