What's changed?

Surely it is bothersome to be asked to step aside for a secondary inspection as it happened to the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh. But shouldn't it be more bothersome that its happened under Obama's watch?

Now, that should be especially depressing to Indian liberals who heralded the arrival of a man who was going to heal the world. Didn't we hear the term, Prophet of Cairo? Even more, didn't they say, 'Change we can believe in'?


beast within.. said…
vry true said...but wat can we say wen it was done under Mr.Manmohan Singh regime on Mr.Abdul kalam...on the continental airlines..
I was somewat shocked to see that Ambika Soni,Minister for broadcasting has told to do the same for U.S.nationals arriving in India...it wont lead to newhere..I guess..

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