Why Barack's good for Republicans

Its frustrating at times to see fakes thrive. More so when you know that your original was result of a lot of hard work and despite the creation of a brand that's top quality, consumers seem to want the imitation at a lower price. But tell you what, sometimes its best to let fakes thrive and have consumers buy into them. The disaster that they encounter on usage will bring them back lock, stock and barrel into your arms. And keep them there.

Its like buying an imitation clothing brand, taking it home, wearing it, washing it, to see the colour run and have it stain the rest of your clothes in the machine. The next time you buy, it would only be brands for you. In fact, for a long time.

The best thing's that happened (and I've said this before) to the Republican party is Barack Obama. As he hurtles America down the path of liberal catastrophe, the tipping point I believe is his health care reform, it strengthens Republicans. So I say, let the man thrive.

Its exactly the same reason why JR Dunn wants the birthers to let go.

'I'll be frank with you. I don't want the Birthers to be right. I don't want a real certificate to show up. No -- I want him in for the entire four years. I want him humiliated, and I want the ideology he represents, that mockery of American liberalism made up of equal parts fascism, Marxism, and wish-fulfillment daydreams undermined totally and completely. We need Obama. We need him to flush the alien and dangerous notion of the god-emperor -- the American Caesar -- from this country's politics. We need him to destroy the concept of liberalism as a savior religion. We need him to assure that this country's elites, who have bought into this grotesque primitivism, are embarrassed as thoroughly as they deserve.

The Birther illusion stands in the way of this. There is no beneficial aspect to this fixation. It confuses the issues, uselessly alarms the ignorant and ill-informed, wastes energy and effort, and provides valuable ammunition to the liberal media. Nothing good can come of it. It's time to let it go.'

Yeah, its time to let go, so we can have the originals get back their place in the sun.


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