Is the successful way the right way?

The explosive growth of the church, 'Reborn in Christ' in Brazil begs a question, or maybe two. Is there one 'right' way to achieving a goal, or is the way that achieves the goal the 'right' way?

Proselytising is inherent to Christianity. Its what Jesus said, 'Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation' (Mark 16:15). 'Reborn in Christ' preaches using tools the Roman Catholic church or even traditional Evangelical churches frown at. But the fact is, Reborn in Christ is among a growing number of evangelical churches in Brazil that are finding ways to connect with younger people to swell their ranks. From fight nights to reggae music to video games and on-site tattoo parlors, the churches have helped make evangelicalism the fastest-growing spiritual movement in Brazil.

So the goal seems to be in grasp, of moving the youth into accepting Christ as their saviour. Also contrast this with waning Catholicism and you know, at least from the results, who's getting to the goal. Coming back to the questions, does that make Reborn in Christ's way, the right way?

In marketing too, its the same scene. That is, what is the right way to the customer? And is the way that gets the customer to buy, the right way? My take 's simple. As long as a way that's used is legal and gets the customer, its the right one. Too long have we been preached to about what the right way is, by people who are never willing to let go of their perception about their way being the right way and the only way. Its time to shrug off such wisdom. Adapting to newer environmental variables and crafting innovative ways is a must in savouring success when it comes to consumers or even the faithful. But I repeat again, no laws are to be broken.

The 'accepted' of the past is the disaster to the future. The lesson to learn from Reborn in Christ is the lesson of Adaptation. The lesson of using newer innovative tools that work. You may agree or disagree with the methods, but tell you what, its the one that's working. And they break no laws.

That's good enough for me.


Unknown said…
we discussed beneton case in class .
they used shock advertising.

in class ,conclusion on this was that that it is wrong to use shock advertisement .

but my take was that it is a good marketing strategy to beat the clutter of ads.
as to check whether it is suitable or not advertising board is there.

i am completely agree with you, sir.

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