Liberty, In God We Trust!

The United States of America is the gutsiest nation in the world. No other nation's done more for freedom around the world, at the cost of sacrificing its own citizens. Both Afghanistan and Iraq have proved costly. Yet America strives on. Contrast this with Italian troops in Afghanistan. Loss of its soldiers has seen Italian sentiment turn hostile. Now, in no way am I saying that any loss of life is to be condoned. But freedom calls for sacrifices and America has given much to the cause of freedom around the world.

Why I mention America and its commitment to freedom is because its that very same character that transgresses into their world of consumption. The United States of America is one of the only countries that believes in liberty even in the world of business. Most Americans (read Libertarians and Conservatives) don't like government interference in business. In fact Americans don't look to the government for their own personal prosperity. They believe in themselves and in God. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is, they believe a God-given right. This is again such a contrast to the rest of the world, where people look to the government to make their lives better. They believe it is the government that should be the harbinger to their personal prosperity. Not so for most Americans. They believe its up to them. Them only. And that is why they hate the government telling them what to make or what to buy.

Obama and his coterie of liberals in contrast are the kind that want Government back in people's lives. Now you know why they do everything possible to scuttle any military moves that enable freedom, around the world. You shouldn't be surprised when you know that despite giving lip service to freedom, they do everything to curtail it (remember Internet control and war against conservative talk radio). Also, don't raise an eyebrow to the fact that they've turned General Motors into Government Motors.

Liberals in America who don't think it important to battle for freedom around the world are the very ones that want to usher in the rest of world (read Soclialist europe), in America. Usher in an era of the government that dictates what citizens do. Even what they do as producers and consumers. Should the liberals succeed, we will never know America for what it truly is, as a nation.

A nations that proclaims, 'Liberty, In God We Trust!'.

And that would be such a pity.


Of course, US has done a lot for free society. It's the primary reason why they win the maximum number of Nobel prizes, Olympic medals etc. Merit is valued. However as the adage goes "Your freedom ends where my nose begins", there have been instances where too much freedom has resulted in unintended consequences. Like the frequent school shootouts (flawed gun policy),drug menace, excessive crime rate et al. Netherlands has a even more free society, what with euthanasia, drugs (classified into Soft, Hard drugs), abortion being legal.
Ray Titus said…

You have herded issues that are to be treated differently. They can't be cobbled up together under the 'freedom taken to extremes' umbrella.

For eg., about the 'right to bear arms' being a problem (you state shootouts); its a myth.

Note Thomas Sowell,

Abortion 's a different issue altogether; Note again,

About de-criminalising drugs, note;
The Grouch said…
Appeasement, protectionism, silencing voices of dissent, control of the masses by a “benevolent elite,” large deficits, and the heavy hand of nannystatism are where the US is headed in the near future as our leaders try to transform the country into Europe. Liberty and In God We Trust are rapidly disappearing.

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