Sweet goodbyes are comeback goodbyes

'Goodbye from our Newsletter, sorry to see you go. You have been unsubscribed from our newsletters. This is the last email you will receive from us. We have added you to our "blacklist", which means that our newsletter system will refuse to send you any other email, without manual intervention by our administrator.'

I am not too sure if this is the nicest of goodbyes I've ever received. The one above is a response to my decision to unsubscribe from a newsletter. In fact I think this goodbye's a bit scary. I have been 'blacklisted'. The system 'will refuse to send me any other email without manual inetrvention'. Woah, its almost as if I am guilty of a crime!

Tell you what, I don't think the firm in question intended this goodbye message to sound the way it does. Its just that whoever came up with the copy may be challenged when it comes to the language, English. But then again, there's a lesson in there. When you let someone go, especially someone who's a customer, at their request, be at your sweetest best. Because they may at some point in time change their mind. And then, they will remember that you left the door ajar.

The better Goodbye should go something like this:

'Goodbye from our Newsletter. We are sorry to see you go. Please note that you have been unsubscribed from our newsletters. We have added you to our list of 'Do not Disturb' clients. We respect your need to unsubscribe, but we also want to let you know that should you want to subscribe any time in the future, a reply to this mail is all that's required. We would then be most happy to mail our newsletters to you. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.'

(Improvements to what's stated above 's most welcome)


Aditi Chawla said…
As you said, it's wise to treat an 'ex-customer' as nicely as your current customer. That will leave you with an opportunity to get them back especially in cases where there is dissatisfaction with the services/products of others.In this case, word-of-mouth is as important as it can ever be.

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