Video Consumption, Multitasking continue to rise

Other findings:
  1. There are more TVs than inhabitants in an average American home: 2.86 TVs vs. 2.5 people per household in 2009. Moreover, 54% of people have 3+ TV sets in their home.
    Adults 18-24 watch five times more video online than adults 65+: 5+ hrs. vs. a little over 1 hr. per month.
  2. The number of children (2-11) online has increased 18% year over year, compared with 10% growth for the number of those 2+.
  3. More than 15 million Americans said they watched online content on a mobile device in Q209, an increase of 70% compared with the previous year—the largest annual growth to date.
  4. Americans are more likely to watch short-form video on their computers and TV network content on their mobile phones.

Source: MarketingProfs; About the data: All cited data comes from Nielsen's latest A2/M2 Three Screen Report (vol. 5, 2Q09). Nielsen's A2/M2 Three Screens Reports provide the results from quarterly analyses from Nielsen's Anywhere Anytime Media Measurement Initiative (A2/M2).


Unknown said…
tata sky+ has already introduced time shifted broadcast in india.
time shifted TV is best thing for consumers and worst for marketer(advertiser).
Now marketer has to find new innovative methods to spread the message.

i am sure this time shifted is going to be the next biggest revolution and viewer's for this will increase tremendously.

it will change the whole picture, channels have to find new ways to generate revenue .

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