Why I drive a Santro

'From what I have learnt in life, including the brief spell in college, true elite are not obnoxious and certainly don’t make a virtue of elitism. Good breeding also means not making others feel inferior.'

Saba's moralising misses out on a point that's fair extension to what she's stated. My point.

'Good breeding should also mean not feeling inferior, when it isn't intended, and even when it is. Because your self worth isn't dictated by tweets, but by your own unbiased assessment of you'.

Tell you what, Saba's petty moralising is fertile ground for marketers. Most people live with a depleted sense of self-worth. Its either because they push themselves into that state or some one else does it to them. Perceived social class differences provoke comparisons. Upward class comparisons result in an assessment of lower self worth. For the consumer, this is self assessment. Its also possible that your neighbour waves her latest brand of jewellery to your face, commenting on how your 'piece' looks outdated. Now that's an external assessment that's bound to diminish your self worth, if you're the Saba kind. Either way, your only ticket to enhanced self esteem is the marketer and his brand. That's what gives you, your shot at upward mobility. The chance to get even.

To prove my point I pulled out today's ET Brand Equity and scanned it for Ads. Sure enough the promise of a higher class was written all over, by brands. The front page had Omega tell me its 'Abhishek Bachchan's choice' (I could almost laugh out loud), the back featured Turtle proclaiming, 'Even a lifetime of profits can't measure up to the respect you earn' (I am clutching at my sides to stop me from doubling over with laughter, and, by the way who's the twit behind the copy?).

So you see, diminished self worth is good. But just so you know my opinion about Tharoor's tweet on economy class flying, I agree. Plus, it was funny too.

Does that say something about my assessment of my worth? And is that bad news for marketers? Guess why I am perfectly all right driving my ugly looking 2001 model Hyundai Santro?


Unknown said…
to sell it to consumer's like you the appeal of the ad should be different .

for example- only intellectual persons use this brand.
Unknown said…
what you say will this appeal work?
Your Santro doesnt look like a 2001 model. Must have been well maintained or not used much !

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