You CAN'T go, when you gotta go!

'But what the French call urine sauvage, which translates to "wild urine," is the hardest to crack. While France's capital has campaigned with some success to have Parisians pick up after their pets, the city is still struggling with the presence of pipi. Urine is hard to escape in certain parts of the city, be it on the street, in the Metro or in parks.

Members of the Brigade say there is no high season for urinary offenses, but summertime heat heightens the stench.'

France is now cracking down on public Pipiers with a vengeance, handing out fines. In India, if that were done, guess, Government finances can be saved and enriched with collections they can make off Indian public Pipiers.

Its just pathetic to see Pipiers in India zip down without any consideration for where they are and where they do it. Of course, the defense is, when they gotta go, they gotta go. My take is, it isn't about 'going'. Its more Habitual behaviour that's reached those proportions because there's never been any damages to pay. The first time the Pipier tried, it felt good and he got away with it. The next time around was a repetition, the third time is habitual.

Habitual behaviour that leads consumers back to the same FMCG brand is categorised as a purchase out of inertia. That is, lazily going back to what was consumed in the past. The only way to break habitual inertia driven consumption behaviour is by interrupting the consumer in the act, by an 'in-the-face' irresistible promo displayed prominently on the shelf by a competing brand.

For the public Pipier, the way to break the disgusting habit is by getting him to pay for damages he's caused. What could be even more effective is to get him to clean up, Bucket, mop, water....Embarassment and all.


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