'Bono is a prime example of baby-boomer good vibes - of feel-good politics tarted up with celebrity endorsement. Born in 1960, he is a pin-up for late fortysomething, early fiftysomething urbanites of a vaguely Left-wing bent.

That is, they feel they should be Left-wing, though they may not live out their principles in their spending habits. It is a very Islington state of mind. Bono, for instance, is fantastically extravagant. He is an enthusiastic buyer of stocks and shares - he owns a hefty chunk of the New York money magazine, Forbes.

He travels the world in a bubble of executive-jet comfort, spending a fortune on his little treats and fancies and racking up tens of thousands of air miles. Here is a man worth hundreds of millions who has a villa in the South of France, an Italian palazzo looking over the briny near Dublin and a multi-million-pound penthouse in Manhattan. And yet Bono's message to the Tory conference, as ever, was a homily about the poor and neglected of Africa.

If he feels that strongly, why doesn't he cough up some more of his own fortune?'

- Quentin Letts, 'Why do politicians - including sadly, the Tories this week - fawn over Bono, a smug hypocritical, whining, tax dodging Irish mountebank?'


Flor said…
How do you or Letts know that he doesn't cough up? Because he doesn't shout about it? If he did shout about donations, he would be rightly and roundly criticised. As a U2 fan, I've seen them quietly donate vast sums to a variety of very worthy causes over a long period of time. Some of it is anonymous, other royalty donations are made clear. There is no doubt in my mind or in that of many other fair-minded folk, that Bono and U2 do more than their bit for society. More than Letts does, that's for sure.
Ray Titus said…

Check this out....


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