No service is Good service

Imagine elation at not being served. Though rare, its a distinct possibility.

A week ago, I tried to courier some important financial documents home. My quest for a courier company close to where I live had me at the doorsteps of this travel office that acted as a pickup point for a certain courier agency. A firm that I hadn't heard of. Temporary insanity saw me handing over the package to them. They promised delivery in two days.

My nightmare lasted a week. For that much time neither the travel office nor the courier agency could trace where my package was. Of course, it hadn't reached home. At the end of the week, the travel office traces it to a sedentary position on a table at the courier despatch site. I ask them to get it back and reclaim possession a day later, at Bangalore. The only journey the package's made is from the travel office to the courier depatch site and back. Then to me.

Getting the package back made me more joyful than I can imagine. The miserable incompetent courier company in question? Trackon. What's worse? They even charge more for delivery. On digging online, I find I am not the only one with the nightmares. Though its no comfort.

At the moment my package 's on its way via DTDC.

I cling to hope.

The lesson learned is one of service quality. Stick to credible service brands. Thay may cost a bit more or they may not be situated close to where you are. But I'd exhort, pay that extra bit, go that extra mile. The nightmares can be avoided.


BRS said…
A similar experience here. This year, wifey dispatched rakhis via french express courier, instead of previously used DTDC. It reached in time ... for dasara! A pathetic excuse for customer service.

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