Want Social Equity? Embrace Capitalism.

Jaden gets his birthday gift and card, in advance from Abby chechi and Amy baby in the US. The card's got this Ben 10 hologram that changes into each of the aliens, one after the other, depending on the way its held. There's background music too.

Jaden's thrilled and doesn't part with the card, the whole day. I marvel at the kind of gift cards on shelves in the United States.

The reason for such varied products on shelves in the US. can be attributed to a population that isn't inhibited in consumption. Their fierce desire to buy is what results in wealth creation for firms. That in turn is why firms can afford to innovate, to get even more varied and unique products on shelves. Many a times, I've heard the developing world bemoaning consumption in the US. Of course living beyond means isn't a good idea. But consumption is necessary for the innovation wheel to roll. For shelves to be stacked with better, varied and more products. At prices that get cheaper and cheaper.

People advocating 'simple living' do a disservice. Their flawed diktat is shielded by inequities they point to, in developing societies. The fact is, these inequities are a result of those very same calls for 'simple living'. Contrastingly, the fallout of consumption is wealth creation. Which prompts greater industrial activity. Which utilises more manpower at a price.

This is the ONLY tool to wealth distribution.

India has its share of socialism. Propped up by the likes of Communists, who advocate misery in the name of social justice to everyone, so there's equal misery all around. India's chance at spreading equity doesn't lie in socialist rhetoric. Instead, its the march of wealth creating Capitalism that's the only chance to an equitable society. Though Socialism sounds better, history proves otherwise. The greatest of levellers is industrial activity. Bangalore, where I live is an example. A city with middle class millionaires.

No thanks to government. All to business firms that sell, earn, and pay employees. Who then spend. Firms in turn earn, and pay employees. ...

Get the drift?


Unknown said…
even companies do CSR activities may be for brand building but still it increases the equality in society.

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