Who does Hollywood hate?

'Good people hurt innocent people every day. We lose our tempers, say things in anger and generally come to regret it later. That’s one of the rougher parts of dealing with the human condition. And when good people watch Larry David piss on Christ, his mocking and blatant disrespect makes them angry. Some might even think, ”I should produce a YouTube of me pissing on Hollywood’s god – Barack Obama!” Which wouldn’t be a difficult or expensive thing to do in this digital age.

But good people don’t follow through on such things. Eventually, their better nature takes over as they think about how such a cruel and disrespectful act might hurt those they know who admire Obama … or the president’s two young daughters.

Nothing, however, stopped Larry David — not the time, logistics, planning or funds needed to put this cruel episode together. David’s not a dumb man, and neither are the many people who made the production possible. Every one of them knew exactly what they were doing, what the outcome would be and what Christ means to His followers.

And they relished every moment of it; the planning, execution and most of all, the uproar and disappointment that followed.

Anger puts cruel thoughts in your head. Hate’s the fuel required to take you across the finish line.

There’s no shortage of fuel in Hollywood.'

- John Nolte, 'Pissing on Jesus: Hollywood Hates Us Exhibit 11,567.'


Anonymous said…
What's worse: Larry David pissing on Jesus or vile misogynistic pick-up guru "Dimitri The Lover" creating Banned Animations of himself being crucified by feminazis and his time-travelling penis impregnating the Virgin Mary?



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