Who's the real Superstar?

At rare times, knowing a bit about some one's life turns into a bolt from the blue. More so, if the person in question has a Bollyowood past (as an actor). Mention Bollywood and I am thinking of parking my brains somewhere.

But then I read about this former actor and I have no qualms in admitting there are superstars in life. Real life. Kamal Sadanah is a superstar. A harrowing past and he comes out of it wiser. Wise enough to teach me lessons.

Two things he says connect at a personal level. One, about spirituality taking him nowhere (I knew that) and two about what family means to him. A Bruce Wayne like reclusive existence too hits home. I love anonymity. My guess is, Kamal will never be the mass consumer man (Note, that's not to say he can't make mass cinema). He's too sensible (he says, 'And then there are always acting offers for a genre I call 'monkey cinema', offers I graciously refuse!') and so can't appeal to mass sensibilities. But he can and will have his appeal. With seekers high on cognition.

Brands can be intellectual. Their appeal may be limited but their connect with like minded consumers will be deep and personal. In fact, its loyalty guaranteed. It could be cinema, it could be software. Brands that tickle grey cells have an audience in consumers who are cognitively driven. Such brands, to get to this audience will have to remain recluse, limited and appeal to their intellectual sensibilities. Do the mass act and you alienate them.

Kamal the person is thinking man's fodder. But even more, he's a superstar.

A real one at that.


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