Why we say what we say

'But why do we feel the need to type? To Tweet? To talk endlessly about ourselves on blogs? It's because we have too much information coming in. And we need an outlet. An 1980's programmer would call it GIGO [Garbage In, Garbage Out].'

Sure Devita, there's too much of information coming in, and so we may need an outlet, plus we need to be careful what we put 'out there', but I'd venture a different guess as to why we need to babble endlessly in cyberspace.

In fact I'd say the real reason's twofold. One, there ain't any other way we can express what we've been forbidden to most of our lives (blame family or social norms), or can't because we're shy; and two, there ain't any other space where we can remain faceless or at least not face our receivers and yet propagate what we want to put 'out there'.

The Internet's the first media space that provides talkers or consumers with a free platform. The Internet is also the first accessible platform that allows for a 'one to many' mode of conversation. Show me a man not wanting to express himself and I'll show you one who's not babbling online. Also show me a man who can make confident face to face conversation, and I'll show you one who's restrained in his yakety-yak, online.

As Homo sapiens, our need to communicate is inherent. And as social beings our desire to express what we encounter, feel or ideate is natural. In addition to the need to communicate, our need to be communicated to is as much a necessity. Bereft of the ability to communicate, or to be communicated to, we lapse into an isolated, lonely world that is depressing. The Internet's manna to wannabe communicators who've otherwise lapsed into silence.

And as I've said before, our desire to communicate is good for brands too. Because that's what brands help consumers do. Communicate. Through goods and services conspicuously consumed. Devita has a point about why we need to be careful about what we say in cyberspace. But the degree of information overload in cyberspace will in no way regulate what we as Homo Sapiens have been genetically programmed to do.



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