Why women bitch

'So why do women bitch? Some Sociologists say the reason is Biology. Appearing stronger than other females in the group puts you at the top of the pecking order, meaning you are more likely to be chosen by the most desirable male. We may live in a more sophisticated society now but this biological determination still manifests itself in the urban jungle, with women vying for promotion and partners in an increasingly competitive world.

As society still expects women to be well behaved, our aggression must be veiled - meaning that the most lethal criticism is invariably couched in sycophancy. "It must be lovely having small breasts," a fellow author said to me recently at a book launch. "Clothes must hang so well."...

Why is bitching the female weapon of choice? Well, for starters, we women are more verbally dexterous than men. Women use, on average, 350 more words in their daily vocabulary, although my husband says that this is because we use 35000 more words in a day and, for men, there are only so many ways they can find to say "Yes, dear".

Shooting from the lip is our defence. While most men grope their way towards a single entendre, women can double and TRIPLE them. Women are the Navratilovas of the back-handed compliment.'

- Kathy Lette, 'Why the BITCHING never stops.' (Good Housekeeping)


tavleen said…
I think bitching is the outlet women choose to express and connect with each other.It's simply a stress buster for them and a great way to presume oneself to be better than the other of the lot.
Most women who are outspoken,agressive and voice their opinions are termed as bitches by their male counterparts.

All of this doesnt mean the males dont bitch;they love to talk about their bosses,female co-workers,salaries and women.The only difference is that they are no competition to women!
Ray Titus said…
Touche', Lady!

Touche' :)

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