Will we save the Tiger?

I guess the Tiger's under threat in India. The magnificent animal faces extinction if something's not done to stop the poachers and depletion of the its habitat. Radio Indigo based in Bangalore has been running a campaign to help save the Tiger. Radio Jockeys and other celebrities who feature on the Radio channel have been for some time now, trying to get us people to participate and do something about the Tiger.

The question is, will we? Do we care for the Tiger? And if we did, why?

The answer to the above mentioned questions lies buried in our understanding of Human Motivation. We are moved to act only if two conditions are satisfied. One, the problem or the issue we face must be known to us and be of importance. Two, the issue/problem that we face must be bigger than others that we encounter in our lives. I mean, that the Tiger's in trouble should be of more importance than, say, our need to renew the car insurance that's running out, or the pressing need to pay the kid's fees at school, and so on. If it isn't, I am sorry, the Tiger's plight won't get us to bat an eyelid.

If as brands you can't move consumers to act in your favour, know this. One, you aren't known or aren't important enough as a need-solution for them to act. Or, maybe you are important, but someone else seems to be even more. It could be a competitor brand, or another product in another category.

For the Tiger's sake, I wish something's done. But if the masses don't join in, don't blame 'em. Because they are busy tending to what they think is more important.


Unknown said…
maslow hierarchy has a answer of this problem.
if you want to motivate mass audience,
than target their physiological, safety or social need.
in this case, social need would be best solution.
i.e campaign whose theme is patriotic.
i.e it is your duty toward's the nation to save tiger in india.
Unknown said…
i agree that mass audience in india are busy in fulfilling their physiological and safety need.

very less people are their on social need.
Unknown said…
umm im all for saving tigers but can you tell me the name of the song that plays in the background of the ad??

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