Language or Prejudice?

Note Debarshi Dasgupta's two questions (to Genesis Global School);

'Why can’t Kantabai be my child’s guru?
And why should some opinionated and prejudiced faculty member at Genesis be instead my child’s guru?'

My answers; Of course, Kantabai can be your child's guru and, sure, some opinionated and prejudiced faculty doesn't have to be your child's guru. That's your democratic choice.

But also note, it doesn't have to be any other's. I mean, its a free country we live in and so we are free to choose. Now, I have no idea if the school intended the Advert in question to denigrate Kantabai's choice of language. But one thing's for sure. The Ad agency behind the communique has crafted smart, though in poor taste, copy that sears into the psyche of Indian parents. Again, let me state, I am all for languages of the varied kind flourishing, but I am not too sure if I appreciate moralising on choices made either by marketers or by consumers.

Debarshi shouldn't be taking the school to task. That's shooting the initiator. That's poor choice of target. The real target must be society. For having perpetrated the 'myth' that certain languages can get you better off for the future. But wait a moment, is society surely at fault? Or is that the way things really are? That your command over certain languages surely gives you an edge over others and so there's greater guarantee for a better future?

Think about it.

No society is perfect. Which means people that make up society in many ways are flawed too. Yet, one must appreciate the fact that choices people make in a society are intended at better futures for themselves. At least that's what they believe. And so they must be left to that, so long as no law's broken. Moralising is good for people who haven't sold a dime worth of goods any time in their lives. Theirs is the 'social task' (or is it?) of chasing a pipe dream that ain't gonna fructify anytime in the next million years.

In closing let me quote what junkcafe posted on , 'How Capitalism will save us';

'Free markets do not exist to promote perfection or even eliminate social ills, but to deal with a dynamic world in a rational manner.'

Also, Genesis Global School is in no way going to contribute to the popularising of Kantabai's language.

But Debarshi Dasgupta can. Its a 'free' choice.


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