Love's good, Hate's better!

Sarah Palin's book in the 'real' is almost here. The book's legend already, because on Amazon its raked up most pre-release sales. I am looking to read it too, though I know it may be some time before I can do that. I will read it for the reason I can get to know someone who I deeply admire, better. Here's a woman who's everything she shouldn't be, in liberal eyes. Especially I may add, liberal lady eyes. She hunts, talks her mind, takes on the establishment, chose to have Trig, her baby with Down's syndrome. Which means she refused to abort. All that's taboo for the bra-burning kind.

But that's my heroine.

It can't be hard for anyone to guess that it wont just be the likes of me buying the book. Palin haters will also make merry. They will buy, read the book and spew venom. They have done it in the past and will be at it, post the book launch.

Brings me to the point I want to make. The best thing that can happen to a brand is what's happening to Sarah Palin. That people love everything about her and others can't stand the sight of her. This means they'll either spew venom or sing paeans. Either's a good thing. Because either means a buy. And even if there isn't a buy, there's sure publicity (read, the venom spewed and paeans sung). Which means, listeners get curious. That's again a good thing, because then there would be more buys.

Brands, hated and loved, have a good thing going. A good thing in their fan and hate brigade. Fans buy into the brand. Haters too buy in for a different reason, or shriek hoarse enough, so hitherto neutral listeners turn inquisitive enough to buy in.

All round, its a win-win.


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