The mobile phone lesson

Its seems the four metros in India have crossed 100 percent mobile teledensity mark. Meaning, the number of mobile phone connections in these cities are higher than the number of residents. Now, despite the fact that in India statistics are always shaky, this one has important consumption behaviour implications.

Two, in fact.

That if technology creates products that enhance our lives, we will take it to it wholeheartedly. Mobile phones personalise conversations. Plus they help us communicate without the limitations of geography. And of course, they let us talk.

Also, if technology ensures that costs to consumers drop, they will up consumption. In India, falling rates see people talking more. Falling handset and connection costs see people taking to more than a single phone and connection.

The lessons? Its ain't 'new' products that are needed. Its products that understand our ways of life and help us enhance our experiences that will see mass adoption. Also, its products that fit within our means that again see an explosion in terms of adoption. And so if you keep those prices down, you will see greater levels of consumption.


1) Yes, the statistics are prone to doubts. They might have added the disabled connections also while calculating(If u dont use a mobile no. for 90 days), u lose that number.

2) This could be a ploy by telecom companies to show to TRAI that as the penetration levels are already high, there is a need for consolidation and will push TRAI for it. Also they can say they need the freedom in pricing.
Well said. I like the fact that you mentioned, It is not new products that we need, but products which understand our ways of life...
Ray Titus said…

Could be...


Yeah, it must always be about us...products..I mean...

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